Hi, I'm Sarah.

Nice to "meet" you! I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and get to know a little about me. I am a mom to a sweet little boy named Otto, a wife to my husband Derek, a dog lover (you can see a picture of our Copper below), indoor plant collector and major fan of The Office. I am a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington with Bachelor degrees in both Graphic Design and Telecommunications, as well as a minor in Art History.


My design style is minimalist, modern and clean, with negative space playing a large role in the overall look of a logo or design - I truly believe that less is more. When I design, I use everything from pen and paper, my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Macbook Pro, desktop computer and the Adobe Creative Suite. My primary services include logo design and web design, but also provide wedding suite designs, social media graphic services and more. Thanks for visiting my site and please reach out for a consultation!

Know Tribe Member

Sarah was featured in the inaugural Charlotte, NC Know Tribe Book featuring 100 women to do business with in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. She held a spot in the "Women to Watch" section showcasing her business, Swell Design.

"KNOW Charlotte is an annual publication that features dynamic women through the city in virtually every industry. Every woman featured in KNOW Charlotte has been vetted through peer-review. The women featured are a compilation of proven leaders, high producers, and rising stars. Those published in KNOW Charlotte are also considered trendsetters, influencers, and women to watch.


Swell Design

Swell Design officially began during the summer of 2016 when I left my corporate job and decided to give Swell Design a real shot. Each year that passes, I am more and more thankful to get to do what I love each day. The majority of our clients come to us to create business logos, wedding designs, calligraphy projects or custom gifts. During the holiday season, we are well-known for our handmade, wood slice holiday ornaments (which can be found in our shop between October and December). We pride ourselves in creating a wonderful customer experience for each client that leaves you feeling cared for and happy with the end result. Thank you for supporting a small business!

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